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Pamela is a fully qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. Pamela successfully works for, and is trusted by, enlightened horse owners, large stables and equine organisations across the UK. You can also visit Pam at her Barffvale Equine Centre

All work is covered by Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Some signs that your horse may benefit from massage therapy:

  • Sore back
  • Dipping, flinching, violent tail swishing when grooming the back
  • Stiffness on the rein
  • Tail carried to one side
  • Poor or reduced performance
  • Unevenness of steps
  • Reluctance to jump
  • Behavioural - bucking, rearing, not wanting a saddle on, refusing to stand still when being mounted
  • Crookedness
  • Head shy
  • Disunited canter
  • Problems with incorrect canter lead
  • Uneven muscle tone
  • Reluctance / difficulty maintaining an outline or engaging hindquarters
  • After a fall when all other possible health causes have been ruled out by veterinary examination.


What is Equine Sports Massage?

Think of the Chiropractic Treatment you receive for a sports injury and you have Equine Massage Therapy.

The Equine Sports Massage Therapy developed along with Human Sports Massage Therapy and the two practises are closely related. Both have been practised for many years.

Sports Massage Therapy works for you, it works for your horse.

Read about Equine Sports Massage


Pamela will travel to you wherever you are located within the UK

Pamela Equine Therapist

Call Pamela Bryan of Barffvale Equine Centre

We suffer from sporting muscle injury and so can your horse. Use of Equine Massage by Pamela from Barffvale Equine Centre will aid your horses recovery.

(Read an extract from a 2008 Veterinarian trial or view our supporting testimonials)

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Extracted from a 2008 Veterinarian Magazine.
(source publication awaiting verification)

Article from a 2008 Veternarian Magazine. (source awaiting verification)

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Muscle injuries are part and parcel of competition riding and while a sports injury can happen at anytime to your horse, effective Equine Sports Massage treatment by Pamela is here to help.

Equine Sports Massage is an effective remedy when used correctly by a qualified therapist.

(view extract from a veterinary trial on the benefits of massage)

You can bring your horse(s) to Pamela's "Barffvale Equine Centre" or Pamela can travel to you.

Percussion Massage at Barffvale Equine Centre

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To book a session or to ask a question call Pamela on 01652 678962 or email her at info@pambryan.co.uk

Your Horse cannot tell you what is wrong, a good Equine Sports Massage Therapist can.

When you suffer a sporting injury you moan and drag yourself off to your sports therapist.

You tell them what is wrong and through the therapists careful massage the affected areas are treated and the healing begins.

When your horse collects a muscle injury they suffer in silence, often you do not notice until you try to ride them again.

pam bryan - equine sports massage therapy

There is no need for your horse to be uncomfortable, or in pain. Call Pamela to give your horse - your competition partner - as good a sports massage treatment as you would arrange for yourself.

You are a good rider but when your horse is off colour your horse may fail.

Your Horse deserves the same care and attention as you would give yourself.

(our list to the left might help you spot some signs of muscle injury)

Equine Sports Massage from Pamela Bryan provides your horse with the best possible therapy.

If you would like more information on Equine Sports Massage then please read What is Equine Sports Massage?

"Pam proved invaluable in the preparation of one of my event horses for the Blair CCI* in 2004.

The horse lacks suppleness and with regular monthly treatments from Pam we had a successful season culminating in a top placing at Blair."

Caroline Peatfield BHSI (regd) - Market Rasenview more testimonials

"After 20 years of having horses, it's good to find a genuine therapist giving a genuine therapy that works.

After a visit from Pam, our stiff old horse once again becomes supple and free moving. This is achieved without expensive intervention from the vet and with a treatment our horse enjoys.

With Pam's skills we can keep our horse competitive, comfortable and happy .....show the full testimonial

Having bought a horse who had retired from eventing due to injury, he is now competing again entirely through the skillful work of Pam.

After 20yrs of my husband and I using qualified or gifted therapists, we have found Pam who is both."

Ian and Maria Austin - Market Rasen.hide the testimonial

To get your horse fit for the season ahead, or to simply give them a well deserved treat, a sports massage session with a qualified Sports Massage Therapist could be just what they need.

Call Pamela on 01652 678962 or email Pamela to book a session or to ask a question.


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Performance Improvements may be seen in a horse used for the following equine sporting activities as muscle injuries are more likely to occur: Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Racing, Point to Point, Steeple Chasing, Hacking out, Working Horses and Driving Horses. Contact Pamela for a consultation.